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Initially, we all run in search of education, money, status, happiness, pleasure and luxurious life. Still, finally we desire to have peace of mind. The only way to attain utmost satisfaction is through spiritualism. Only when our heart is purified, we could be able to attain full success in our efforts with determined thoughts. In this manner, the Naadi Astrology would pave way to attain peace and for leading a prosperous future.

This NAADI ASTROLOGY is promulgated by Sages and Rishis of the ancient past through the proclamation of wisdom reason and insight. This art of Naadi Astrology is the successful combination of spiritualism and science, which forecast the future, is being portrayed without the slip of an atom.

Thousands of years ago, sages who had the power to look in the past and future of the entire universe recorded the future of people who were living and who are going to live, in the form of palm leaves.

If we do research to find out the difference between Natal Astrology and Naadi Astrology, prediction based upon arithmetical calculation by men is Natal Astrology and forecasting by Rishis with their spiritual power, already written in palm leaf is Naadi Astrology. The arithmetical prediction predicted by the ordinary people may lead to failure in most cases.

This may be perhaps defective and erosive. So keeping aside this sort of slipping possibilities methods, and let us, look in to the forecasting made by the Rishis and Sages based upon thumb prints, is purely by their spiritual wisdom. It is not arithmetical calculations and hence the sayings of the Rishis and Sages will never be failed. They are almost possessor of word Powe

Everybody's future life details can be read through the nadi leaves of ancient Maharishis Agathiyar, Biruku, Kousikar, Sukar etc., Hailing from Valluvar Community, we are in the field of Naadi Astrology since the past four five generations. The main office holding Naadi leaves is at Vaitheswaran Koil, Nagappattinam District in Tamil Nadu. The people are advised to be careful from the persons with incompetent knowledge in the field through deceptive ways.