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Firstly, you have to send the scanned copy of your thumb impression (right hand for gents and left hand for ladies) through e-mail or post.

After affixing the thumb impression at four or five places on a white paper clearly, that can be directly scanned or photographed through mobile phone or camera and simultaneously attached to your e-mail.

In addition to this, you have to send the attached questionnaire duly filled in correctly.

As soon as we receive the thumb impression and the questionnaire, the respective Naadi leaf pertaining to you will be searched. Once the leaf is identified, you will be informed accordingly. In accordance to your convenience and based on our appointment, the lifetime prediction written in ancient tamil poetic version along with the CD will be despatched to you either through post or through e-mail. The same can be read over to you through online skype also.

Note: Once the leaf is identified, the requisite amount should be deposited to us fully.



For the sake of Naadi Astrology, prior appointment is to be obtained from our office in order to avoid waiting for your turn. On arriving at the specific time of appointment, you need to provide only thumb impression (right hand thumb impression for gents and left hand thumb impression for ladies). By waiting for about 10 to 15 minutes, one of our Naadi Astrologers would attend you with a palm leaf bundle in relevance to the name of the thumb impression obtained from you. With your assistance, your respective Naadi leaf would be searched and identified. (The leaf containing all your family particulars would be considered as yours) This process would take around 1 hour. It is not mandatory that the first bundle would definitely contain your leaf. It may prolong even upto 3 to 4 bundles. There may be a possibility of not having a leaf for you. In that case, you may have to visit as per the advice of the Naadi Reader on another day. Once the Naadi leaf is identified, once again you will be given an appointment preferably next day or as per the date and time convenient to you. The notebook would contain the poetic version of ancient Tamil reproduced from the Naadi leaf. The book would be read over in your presence as per appointment and would be recorded in Tamil and Hindi or English simultaneously. The Book and CD would be handed over to you. Since the Naadi Astrology is only reading from the already written ancient palm leaves, nothing can be added or subtracted in it. Those bestowed with the divine blessings can be able to locate his/her respective Naadi leaf. The details of sins of previous birth and curses thereof along with the remedial measures are elaborately briefed.