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Saint Agasthiyar is familiarly known to intellects as well as illiterates. The people belonging to all religions hail Saint Agasthiyar. Born through Ascetic’s pitcher, Saint Agasthiyar balanced the world by traveling to south at the time of the marriage of Lord Shiva solemnized at Kailash and ultimately viewed the marriage at Potiya Hill. Apart from this, Saint Agasthiyar brought river Cauvery to South India. All these aspects reveal his competence in the field of Science.

Benefic Effects Through workship of Om Sri Agashiyar Maa Maharishi:
  • 1. Attain eminence in music, poetry and arts
  • 2. Eliminate obstacles in education
  • 3. Overcome the adverse effects through Navagraha
  • 4. Evil effects of the sins committed during previous birth would liquidate
  • 5. Curses of ancestors would eradicate
  • 6. Gain name, fame and regard
  • 7. Benefits through ancestral properties
  • 8. Recover from all sorts of illnesses
  • 9. Unity in domestic life


Sages are not controlled under community, religion, language and country. They are capable of having the capacity to control the five major elements namely air, water, land, fire and ether. They possess eminence in the field of meditation, medicine, spiritual philosophy, science, chemistry, sculpture and astrology in addition to proficiency in languages. By undertaking extensive journeys overseas, they wrote treatise on theologies in various languages. For this sake, a separate head ‘Siddharial’ has been established. Through extensive research, their treatises are incorporated towards the latest nature of medicines. The inventions of the mystics as regards regulating the state of the mind such as Yoga (yogic practice of different modes of sitting) and Naadi Astrology for the sake of better living condition of the people have reached the people in a mass way. They render service to people irrespective of their religion and community.